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Are you looking for the best Software Development service?
Look no further, because we are here to take your worries away from you. LK Designers, a well recommended and well known organization in Sri Lanka that caters the needs of Web Site Development, Ecommerce Solutions, SEO (Search engine optimization), Software Development and Mobile Application Development services with well over ten years of experience. Our goal is to provide our clientele the best experience in this new step our clients take for the benefit of their business. We are glad to be part of your journey and to ensure that all your expectations are met with the final product handed over to you.

Software Development

It is developing computer application that can give you the benefit of doing your work faster, accurately and efficiently. When we develop your software, you have the opportunity to create software with all your needs, customized especially for you.

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But not everyone is familiar about the technology. We as a group understand that our clients are not always going to be knowledgeable in the topic of technology, which is why our team is ready to listen to you and produce the Software you pictured all along. Our dedicated team is flexible enough to add in any new feature based on your vision of the software. Your job is to give us the necessary and clear details of your expectation and find yourself astonished by the product we produce for you.

Key Values of Software Development at LK Designers

LK Designers have key values that every member of the team believe and implement by. We make sure that our level of quality and expertise is maintained throughout our operations with the clients.

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High Level of Experience

We are a highly recommended company in designing and developing web and software. With an experience over 10 years we have managed to accomplish a well satisfied client base. Our dedicated team of experts make their priority to understand the client’s vision and meet their expectation or more. We are well aware of your need to boost up your organization with a user friendly, effective and attractive software therefore our team is buckled up to take this ride with you to provide all the digital solutions you inquire.


Got a new idea to include in the software? Have we started developing your software? Do not worry because we believe our client’s software is our client’s vision. Our team is dedicated and very flexible to our client’s needs. Your new addition to the software will have open doors waiting for it. Our customers’ satisfaction is our priority. We ensure to meet your expectations at all times. It’s a value that is instilled in all our services at LK Designers. Our company is the best solution for your customized software.

Fair Price

Our aim is to be a reasonable organization with quality work because it is the key to a long journey. Our priority is the quality of work we provide than the cost of it. This value we have imprinted in our company has brought in an objective to provide services for a fair price. Our goal is to offer our customers valuable and just packages customized according to their requirements of the product.

Round the Clock Customer Service – 24/7

We at LK Designers have maintained a good rapport with our clients thorough out their journeys with us because of one key feature, our very reliable, friendly and 24/7 available customer service. One aspect of a good organization is how available are they to you. We as a company stand in the front because of our outstanding customer service before and after we become partners. We believe that your issues are our issues and try our best to provide solutions as soon as possible. You are welcome to inquire and keep yourself updated with the process.

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Our Development Process

This is an insight of the process that takes place when we start working with your software. We have a fixed criteria that we stand by to always provide the best unbiased services to all our clients.

Agile Methodology

We as a company use Agile methodology. Agile methodology is a method to manage a project by breaking it into steps in the form of phases. This method benefits the customer and the developer because throughout the process there will be constant collaboration with the client and the developer to make improvements to every stage of the process.

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Software Design and Development Process of LK Designers

As mentioned earlier, LK Designers use Agile methodology to make the process more clearer and accurate in developing the software. This practice helps the client to be involved and be update on the process of their requirement. The outcome of the phases in the process will be the final product that you vision and desired for.

01. Gathering Customer Requirement

This is the very first and the most crucial phase of the whole process. This stage works as the stepping stone or the foundation to the whole product that will be produced at the end. This stage is an open invitation for you to express your requirement with ultimate freedom and lay before us the vision you carry with you. Our dedicated team is ever so ready to note down every single detail in order to meet your expectation to the dot. This will also be a time for us to express our opinions and suggestions to you. This communication in this stage is where the mutual understanding happens between you and us.

02. Development of a Template or Prototype with Sample Content

This is the stage where we put your requirements in to practice. In this phase we create a sample with all your requirements to give you a clear idea of what you have requested us to create for you. We also include new features our expert team believes will suit your requirements and also include features your competitors might have in order to keep up with the competition.

03. Approval of the Client

Here, the sample template or the prototype we created for you catering your requirements will be presented to you. We will give you plenty of time to freely preview the template so that you can get a clear picture of the outcome. This opens a window in the process to express your ideas such as your concerns, your likes, dislikes and additions. You can get a clear image by speaking to our dedicated team and clear out any areas of concern.

04. Inclusion of Unique Content, Usability and Functionality Features

Once your approval is given, we step in to Phase 4. Now, we will carry out the process of replacing the template or prototype content with high quality and unique content and features. Your software will be developed into a very user friendly and functional product. Our team of experts will produce catchy and value added content to enhance your software and make it extremely functional. The software will make sure to cover all key aspects such as efficiency, maintainability, flexibility, functionality, usability and reliability.

05. Deployment Stage

At the final stage of the process we will hand over the software that we carefully and successfully developed to satisfy your expectations. Finally you will get to experience your vision that you always had in reality.

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